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Here at Fast Direct Loans we say yes to more Kiwis looking for loans. Forget multiple applications and credit checks that take hours to complete and relax knowing Fast Direct Loans have it all sorted for you. We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly service and are committed to finding you the best terms available on the market. It’s really that fast and simple! Forget the stress and start your application with Fast Direct Loans today because we say yes more often! Talk to a real person - Call 0800 437 74

Fast Direct Loans can source a variety of loans to suit your personal requirements (both secured and unsecured)*

So what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW with Fast Direct Loans; we say yes more often!

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We do not offer Short Term loans, all Fast Direct Loans are for terms of six to sixty months with a fixed annual rate of interest. Our current interest rates start at 13.95% but may be as high as 26.95% depending on credit history, security offered and your overall credit profile. A typical $20,000.00 loan through Fast Direct Loans Finance would be as follows:

  • Personal Loan Amount $20,000
  • Brokerage Fee $995.00
  • Establishment Fee $440.00
  • Payments over 36 months
  • Interestrate from 15.95%
  • Admin fee of $15 per month
  • Repayments from $937.00 per month including Brokerage also (optional) payment waiver cover – subject to terms and conditionsAnnual Percentage Rate 22.8%
  • Annual Percentage Rate 22.8%
'My hire purchases and credit cards were getting out of control. Fast Direct Loans sorted me right out.'
'We made the decision to upgrade the family car - Fast Direct Loans made getting the finance simple.'
'We needed a holiday after starting the business. It was simple getting credit through Fast Direct Loans.'
'Fast Direct Loans made borrowing to renovate our old villa not only simple, but hassle-free. It was a breeze.'
'With just one application we were done in minutes - the money was in our account the next morning.'
Fast Direct Loans do not source loans for a period of 61 days or less
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